Neighborhoods Against Substance Abuse

NASA Drug Toss

NASA has teamed with Greenfield Banking Company for a Community Drug Toss, Saturday August 17th. More info is available here

NASA Calendar

Mark your calendar now!

Call Tim at the NASA office for the latest information.

Tools you can use.


NASA is making tools available for parents who are concerned about teen substance abuse. Download the latest PDF by clicking here

NASA Night at the Indians


Get ready for some baseball! NASA is once again having a Night at the Indians, coming up May 30. You can purchase tickets online, if you wish, by clicking on this link and use the password "NASA". Hope to see you there for an exciting night of Indians baseball!

NASA Newsletter


See the April newsletter from the Executive Director, Tim Retherford. Learn about the latest trends, interventions and all kinds of stuff about substance abuse. more »

Prescription/OTC Abuse

Recent research indicates that most kids start using pain-killers pretty early. Read It!

Underage Drinking

Here's a cool primer for addressing underage drinking, courtesy of NIAAA. Click Here

Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol may be known as "liquid courage" but it may hinder you more than you thought. See it Here

Marijuana Use

While the trend is for kids to not smoke cigarettes less, they're smoking more pot. Get the rest here